Although as a programmer we use git in our day-to-day life many of us don’t really know what it does internally to do what it does. In this article, I’ll try to explain what git really is and how it internally works.

Types of Git commands

We use many git commands in our day to day life like git commit, git push, git checkout etc. this are the common commands that are more user friendly and are called “Porcelain” commands. …

There’re quite a lot of framework available in market to confuse you whether it’s NextJs, NustJs or NestJs and I’m sure there are more.

They all available in for different purposes and yet by names feels like very same but these are just the names confusion and one should not worry too much about it.

Over the course of last few months I’ve been writing few of my side projects in NestJs and this seemed to be promising.

Kotlin was my first choice for writing backend API’s when I initially started, but it was something I was already exposed to…

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to send repeated reminders or messages in your groups, such as reminding someone to fill their report by the end of day, or to submit their work report by end of the day or maybe anything else.

Over the result of that you might want to automate your daily messages or reminder in your groups, doing these manually can be hard and tedious.

You might also have already seen some kind of bot which gives you reminder daily or weekly or at any specific time, but you still don’t know…

A Microservice template is a code project that can be used to generate a new project whenever you are developing a new microservice, it’s used to save time setting up the project.

1. Reduce setup time

There is always a significant time that takes to setup a new service, setting up the directory structure, the unit testing framework, the code styles etc. Doing all these is fine one time but if you’re creating hundreds such projects you will end up doing same task lot of time and it will eat most of your time.

Also doing it manually may include inconsistencies and potential issues…

Git is an essential part of every developers’s day to day life, but how many of them really knows what does inside git behind the hood. How git performs a git commit when you say git commit or additionally any other commands.

But how does it really matters to know what goes behind the hood, and why one should care?

  • As a developer we should be aware of the internals of the tool we use, specially when we use is on very frequent basis.
  • It will really help us do many things such as creating a branch or resolving merge…

Let’s take example of movie ticket booking system where there are two services involved. One creates booking and other sends booking details to users.

Pact is a real simple and a complex framework at the same time. Why because, it can get really confusing and can give headache if not understood correctly and gone by assuming flow. But once understood the flow it seems like, a real simple concept to understand.

What is Pact?

Have you ever wondered how GitHub stores and serves your git repository?

In this article we’ll be knowing features of git, using which it makes easy for others to create a hosting platform for git repositories.

We’ll not be going in details of how GitHub works but will be exploring how we can build something similar to it for hosting your git repositories, from where you can clone and perform other git related things.

Before going to remote servers let’s just create a local git server and in order to do that we need to know few things in advance.

git init

Hooks are a new addition in React 16.8. They let you use state and other React features without writing a class.

In this article we’ll be knowing about useEffect hook by creating a nice little game where we’ll be guessing the favourite colour of the user by taking their favourite number.


useEffect is a react hook which triggers whenever a component loads. We can also define state dependencies to it, meaning whenever the dependent state changes useEffect will trigger. …

There are 32 keywords in C language, this is the first thing I got to know while I was about to start my journey into the world of programming in my college days. Many student struggle to just find where to start from. Most of the time the answers are C, C++, Java or Python or can be any mainstream language.

Any of them can be a good option to start with, but I didn’t find any of them interesting immediately until I get to a point where I can actually make something with it and not just adding some…

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